Sunday, 10 February 2008

I Hear Angels

Verse 1
I hear angels singing praises
I see men from every nation
bowing down before the throne
Like the sound of many waters
Like a rushing wind around us
Multitudes join the song

And a symphony of praise arises
Tears are wiped away from eyes
As men from every
tongue and tribe all sing

Chorus 1
God Almighty
Who was
Who is and is to come
All the angels are crying
to the Lamb
Who sits upon the throne

Chorus 2
God Almighty
Who was
Who is and is to come
All creation is bringing glory
to the Lamb
Who sits upon the throne

Verse 2
I see One Who's full of wonder
Eyes of fire
Voice of thunder
Shining bright His majesty
All the colors of the rainbow
circle Him and fill His temple
So beautiful this is to me


Vicki Young said...

I LOVE this song! But I cannot remember the name of it or the artist and I'd like to purchase it. Can you tell me, please?

I thought it was the Maranatha Singers, but so far I've been unsuccessful finding it.

Thank you!

Lionel Low said...

Hi Vicki,

The only piece of information that I manage to google is that it is from the album "Shine Your Light Through The Window".

Seems to me it's sold out on a lot of places, but best of luck to find it!

God bless! :)

Bojo Sun said...

It is Hosanna! Music, Album Name:Forever Grateful.

Title: I hear Angels.

It is so beautiful...

The most anoited song I ever heard.

Anonymous said...

I first heard this song when I was 5 years old as a Missionary kid in the Philippines. I'm...much older now and this song still makes my eyes water, still fills me with awe, still brings with it such a tender longing to know God better and worship deeper. No church should ever be to "hip" or "modern" to sing this lovely song.

sisles said...

It was my late husband's favorite so I played it as he was dying of cancer and in a drug~induced coma..I know he heard it and was ready to move into eternity on Christ's redemption.

Lionel Low said...

@sisles Amen. There's no more pain and he is safe in our Lord's bosom. God bless you so much.
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